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We are a consulting company in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy. We develop RE projects in the MENA countries, design and supervise RE Projects. Our services include schedule, control and perform inspection, maintenance and repair work according to efficient and professional international protocols.

Project development services

We deliver advisory services and software solutions for sustainable energy project development and operation

  • Technology Selection

  • Energy Calculations

  • Grid Studies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Generate Business Model

  • Land Management

Project Construction phase

We Provide Technical advisory and software tools for commercial and utility-scale solar and wind Renewable Energy projects from development to commissioning;

  • Solar Projects – PV and Thermal Projects

  • Wind Projects

  • Waste to energy Projects


After Construction Services

We provide Flexible maintenance, monitoring services and wide-range expertise to ensure that the project operate in its best performance.

  • System Maintenance

  • System Monitoring

  • System Cleaning


Renewable Energy Project Consultation services aims to help our clients achieve these goals in order to maximize the benefits. We help our clients’ businesses become more energy efficient, energy sustainable, and cost effective.

  • Site Study

  • Tendering Documents

  • Prequalification’s

  • Offers Evaluations

  • Commissioning


Highly trained and experienced instructors will share expert knowledge and deliver high quality course material; by expanding your knowledge with training from Blue Sky for Renewable Energy, you will be better placed to handle the challenges of Energy Sector.


Energy Auditing

Energy audit is the first step to understand the potential of your organization to save energy. It helps identify areas of energy wastage, existing level of energy usage and measures that could be taken to save energy. We provide comprehensive energy audit services including formulation of detailed project reports and recommendations for Energy Conservation Measures.

Our services include the following fields:

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

  • Building automation/energy management systems

  • Electrical/power systems

  • Lighting systems

  • Building envelope

  • Industrial/process systems

Products & Solutions

Our Energy team has the capability to investigate, advice and implement integrated solutions as well as broad experience in optimizing and incorporating the most suitable or specialist technology to fulfil specific project needs. The team also engineer, design and procure materials handling and balance of plant systems in-house

  • Off-Grid Solutions

  • Batteries

  • LED light

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